e-cover™ Recycled Topsheet

Versatile, recyclable and plastic tax-compliant topsheet - for standard and Euro pallets


Made from at least 30% recycled content and perforated for easy dispensing, e-cover™ topsheets are a green alternative to conventional polythene sheets, offering protection from dust and water damage and coverage for standard and European pallet sizes. 

Ideal for storage and transport applications, this innovative, sustainable pallet cover is both Plastic Tax-compliant and easy to apply to palletised loads, offering seamless dispensing of purpose-designed, made-to-fit lengths from a roll, for added speed and simplicity.

           RecycledContent                  PTC

  • Item codes: 25MT16CL & 25MT16BK
  •  Dimensions:
    • 25MT16CL
      - Colour: natural (clear)
      - Gauge: 15 mic
      - Open width: 1600m; length: 1400mm
    • 25MT16BK
      - Colour: black
      - Gauge: 30mic 
      - Open width: 1600m; length: 1400mm
  • Pack quantity: 500
  • The product is Plastic Tax Compliant – see attached logo
  • Contains at least 30% recycled content 
  • Plastic Packaging Tax-compliant
  • Purpose-designed - optimum material for standard and euro pallet sizes 
  • High-strength material
  • Provides protection against dust and water damage
  • Ideal for transport and storage applications
  • Perforated on a roll for easy dispensing and application

Features and benefits

Feature Benefit
Made from at least 30% recycled content A green packaging solution
Plastic Packaging Tax-compliant Safeguards customers from tax levy
Purpose-manufactured sheet lengths Ensures optimum coverage for standard and Euro pallets
Provides protection against water damage and dust Ideally suited to storage and transport applications
Perforated sheets Ensures easy, quick tearing and application
Supplied on a roll Minimises storage requirements and dispenses seamlessly

Spec sheet

- 25MT16CL (clear)
- 25MT16BK (black)


Key points 

- Made from at least 30% recycled content
- Plastic Packaging Tax-compliant
- Purpose-manufactured sheet lengths - to fit standard and Euro pallets